Meet the team

At Kasar we pride ourselves on service excellence and a personal service. Out team is here for your comfort and boast a wealth of accommodation and serviced apartments experience, to make your stay with us the very best it can be.

Kasar Stays
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Group Chairman

Pius Akinmejiwa

Pius is the co-founder and Group Chairman of Kasar Stays. Pius was born in London and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied Building Engineering at University and after graduating, moved back to England.

After time as a computer programmer, internet and telecomms entrepreneur living and working in London, San Francisco, Johannesburg and Doha, he moved back to the UK to found Kent Housing, a social accomodation company. It was so successful it led to Pius and his wife setting up Kasar Stays (KH Homes), growing it to the largest serviced apartments company in Kent, Greater London.

As the Group Chairman, Pius’s job is to ensure that Kasar maintains the highest levels of service and is fully responsible for the overall company strategy. Pius' favourite football team is Spurs and his favourite cities, Singapore, San Francisco and Dubai. He'd like to hire a camper van and drive through Europe for his next travel adventure. 

Chief Executive Officer

Sade Akinmejiwa

As the Chief Executive Officer at Kasar, Sade is responsible for managing the bookings, housekeeping and maintenance teams. Prior to joining Kasar in 2016, she worked on a Transformational change project in the Middle East, as a Benefits Realisations and Change Manager delivering Clinical IT systems across 27 Hospitals.

Sade has lived and worked in South Africa, USA, Middle East and West Africa and loves travelling the globe for work and leisure. Sade loves different world foods and likes to holiday where she can relax with a variety of different restaurants.

Chief Operating Officer

Kemka Emereole

Kemka is Kasar's Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wealth of senior management experience across a broad spectrum of the residential lettings sector of the housing industry, as well as IT, Fashion and Beauty industries. She graduated in September 2020 with an Msc in Development with International Business, giving her strong global business expertise and knowledge of future developments.

In her downtime, Kemka enjoys spending time with her boys, travelling and taking in the arts.

Kasar Stays
Bookings Team
Maureen - Kasar Team
Bookings Team Manager

Maureen Vie Conlu

Maureen completed a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications and Education. She was a licensed teacher and a college instructor for three years. More recently Mau worked as a customer service representative for travel and hospitality companies.

At Kasar, Mau specialises in guest relations, taking care of guests' needs and requests, and making sure every transaction meets the guests' expectations.

She loves being a Mum to her three kids and in her spare time she enjoys cooking for her family. She also loves music, the outdoors and finds gardening very therapeutic.

Mich - Kasar team
Bookings Supervisor / Billings Admin

Michelle Pimentel

Michiko is derived from her Japanese family name and is the name Michelle prefers. In her early age, Mich worked to fund her studies and graduated with the help of a scholarship, then gaining experience in hospitality overseas. She worked for five years in a four star hotel, from trainee to securing an executive position.

Mich is happiest with her family and friends as she loves to talk to people. She once experienced racism due to a miscommunication, but it became her inspiration to learn the language as a result.

Kasar Stays
Business Development Team
Business Development Executive

Charlene Patatag

Charlene is the Business Development Executive of Kasar. She is currently living in the Philippines, but she has always wanted to explore and travel the world. So, while that is challenging now, she is experiencing the English culture through Kasar. Her main responsibility is to increase people's awareness of Kasar and its beautiful, excellent, and well-rounded service.

If you look at her phone's gallery, you will only find two things: either a picture of the sunset at a beach or her dog. On her (very rare) free time, you will find her watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S over and over and over again. 20 times and counting since she discovered the series in 2019.

OTA Specialist

JM Cunanan

Jhoanna prefers being called JM, as it gives off a mystery on whether she's a man or a woman. She's sometimes an introvert and extrovert depending on the situation.

She likes to eat and explore different cuisines except for exotic delicacies and slimy veggies.Her time revolves around her family and work. She believes that everything will be worth it when you work hard for it.

At Kasar, she is the go-to person for all things OTA. She makes sure that we optimize all available platforms online.

Kasar Stays
Accounting and Operations Department
Accounts Team Lead

Maiza Millalos

Maiza is the newly added member in the Finance Department. She works alongside bookings team in making sure that the revenue side of the business is doing smoothly.

In her spare time, she loves going for a walk or jog around neighborhood or playing with her dog where she named him" Luffy" (an anime character from "One Piece"). And Yes , she likes anime!!

Operations Support Officer

Jayson Agustin

As a new member of the Kasar team, Jayson has a background, not only in Property Management but also Site Development in Liverpool UK. He also worked as a Reservations Admin in a world renowned 5-star Hotel. Being a breadwinner of the family, he also has a side hustle to support his study - as he is currently taking up his Masters in Marketing Management.

Jayson likes to be productive most of the time,  he is a never-have-a-dull-moment-person which he fonds of doing. He loves going to the beach as it helps the nature resets the pressure from work and life. Aside from that, he likes playing Mobile Legends and his main hero is Vale who is the God of Winds.