Things To Do in Kent

Another Bank Holiday weekend is just around the corner. If you’re a city dweller looking to escape the hustle and bustle for a weekend away, then a short holiday in Kent is an amazing option.

The Garden of England isn’t just a gigantic playground for the whole family to explore and enjoy but a place of incredibly picturesque villages that are rich in culture, history and delicious food.

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Consistently one of the most visited cities in all of England, Canterbury is rich in quaint British character and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is famous for its glorious Canterbury Cathedral which was one of the first castles erected in Kent. It is also just a five-minute walk from East station.

The food in Canterbury is a stand out with delicious traditional British fine dining on Dover Street and a plethora of amazing English pubs which almost all have beer gardens.

If you time it well and visit here during October/November, you can experience the Canterbury Festival, which showcases a variety of music, art, comedy, a circus, theatre, walks, talks and even a science strand.



A stone’s throw away from Canterbury is the exquisite seaside town of Whitstable. Enjoy oysters? This is the place where you come to eat oysters in England. Honestly, people have been feasting on oysters here since the Roman era.

It’s a good time village with quaint streets, coffee houses and of course the beautiful ocean.

As we said, it’s oysters deluxe in Whitstable so when you visit here, make sure you eat at the Whitstable Oyster Company.  Grab a platter or two of their rock oysters coupled with a decent bottle of dry white and you’ll soon find yourself in heaven.

Again, oysters, but try and time it so that you can attend the Whitstable Oyster Festival which takes place in July. It’s a fantastic celebration of their heritage, so expect historic plays, live music, food stalls and… you guessed it.



One of the larger towns in Kent, Maidstone has a beautiful river called Medway running through it. This river holds significant historic weight as it carried the trade of the region for many years. There is even evidence of people here, dating back to before the Stone Age.

This place is great for shopping, especially now that the Lockmeadow Centre has been built which includes a multiplex cinema, an abundance of brilliant restaurants, nightclubs, and the town’s age-old market square.

There really is much to explore here, including multiple theatres, galleries and museums - it's the ideal town for a staycation in Kent.



Another historical town, another location surrounded by beauty and soaked in old-English charm. It’s not far from London, only under an hour by train. So, it’s perfect if you want to make the most of your weekend away in terms of capitalising on the time available.

If you’re looking for a short holiday made up of woodland walks and country picnics, then this is the place for you.

There are some great pubs, like the Fox and the Hound where you can enjoy some delectable English food.

One of its main attractions is the house where Churchill lived for the second half of his life. There’s also an annual music festival called Westerham Rocks for alternative music fans that is a whole lot of fun!

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Where to Stay

If you’re going to be taking a short holiday in Kent, then why not consider a serviced apartment as an accommodation option?

You’ll be able to cook for yourself and entertain your own guests as if you were living from home, but with all the amenities that’d usually be available at a hotel. It’s perfect for a short weekend away.

At Kasar, we offer accommodation in Gillingham, Maidstone, and Rochester. Simply take your pick and we’ll do the rest.