Save Money With Serviced Apartments

Travelling, be it for pleasure or for business can be a very costly affair. From major transportation costs like flights, trains, and buses to the minor transport costs like inner city travelling in cabs and on the Underground, there are many things to consider.  

In addition to that, you’re going to need to set aside a budget for food, drinks, and daily activities. The cost increases exponentially when you factor in the financial implications of the mandatory quarantine imposed on people returning from destinations outside the UK.

The smart thing will be to avoid travelling out of the country on holiday and opt for a staycation instead. But even on a staycation, you need to ensure your money goes a long way, especially given the financial havoc that's been wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. The last thing you want is for most of your budget to be consumed by accommodation costs. 

Lodging in hotels is expensive, but with serviced apartments, not only will you save money on your actual stay, you’ll save money on living costs too. 

Here’s how serviced apartments can save you money. 



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Reduced accomodation prices

According to the Independent, hotels in the UK are the most expensive on the entire European continent, and that’s saying a lot when you consider cities like Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and Brussels. 

In fact, you can expect to pay anywhere between £10 – £20 more in the UK than any other city in Europe. 

So what’s the solution? Booking out a serviced apartment. It will cost you anything between £50 – £100 less per night than your average 4-star hotel in the UK per night. Not to mention that if you’re staying long-term for business, you will save a huge amount of money! 

A one-bedroom serviced apartment is more than twice the size of the average hotel room in the UK and has separate spaces for relaxing and sleeping. So you’re not squeezed between 4 walls.


Cleaning Services

When you stay in a hotel or bed & breakfast, you will need to either pay extra for laundry services or find a nearby laundromat and pay them for their service. It’s time-consuming and can add up to be a sizable expense. 

With a serviced apartment, you have your very own washing machine and space to hang damp clothing. In addition to this, you also have the option of an in-house Covid secure cleaning service at your disposal, for as many days a week you want. 

This doesn’t come at a premium because it can be negotiated with us when you first book your apartment. You’ll find it is a lot more affordable than if you had to personally hire this service elsewhere.

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Sure, visiting the local cinema or having a drink at a bar with friends is also part of experiencing a new city, but what happens when you want to entertain your guest, in your own space? A hotel or bed & breakfast doesn’t necessarily provide this benefit. 

When staying at a serviced apartment, you’ll be able to save a lot of cash by entertaining friends at “home”. Our serviced apartments include a TV, DVD player, sound system and high-speed Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to have a night in whenever you want. 

With usual lodging you never truly feel at home, you will always feel like a guest. With a serviced apartment, it’s the polar opposite because you’re able to make the space your own and it’s completely private. Picture renting a flat but with all the added benefits of a hotel.

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Save On Eating

With a serviced apartment comes a fully kitted out, modern kitchen or kitchenette. Think about how much you spend on eating out when travelling? A kitchen with cupboard space, a sink, a dishwasher, and oven/stove allow you to cook delectable meals whenever you please. 

You can also stock up on your favourite snacks and prepare food for the following day’s activities, be it a packed lunch for work or snacks on hand when exploring the city you’re staying in. 

Going out and experiencing local cuisine is part of immersing yourself into a new city and culture, so eating out every now and then is most certainly part of the experience, but with a serviced apartment, you’ll be able to cook and eat your own food at “home” when your budget is looking a little stretched. 

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You're Covered

Like hotels, if anything breaks or if there are any issues in one of our serviced apartments, we’ll fix it. We have our very own repair and maintenance teams who will assist free of charge. This expense is included in the price of your stay. 

So there you have it, 5 solid ways you’ll save money by opting for a serviced apartment. Live in private luxury and save money – it’s no-wonder why most holiday makers prefer serviced apartments to hotels.

If you’re looking for accommodation during your staycation in Kent, our serviced apartments can be viewed here.