Serviced Apartments or Hotel - The Debate Continues

So, you’ve secured a contract for a few months maybe longer and the pay is perfect.  You live in Kilbride and the job is in Kent so commuting from home everyday is definitely not an option. Your biggest worry is where to stay: "serviced apartment or hotel?" - the never ending conundrum for every business traveller.

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Service apartments for business travellers

In the last few years, serviced apartments have grown to become the preferred temporary accommodation option for business travellers, and with good reason. Obviously, if  one was only planning to stay for one or two nights, booking a hotel might not necessarily be a bad choice.

One could survive sitting in a little room for just a couple of nights, fighting for the hash browns that have sat there for hours at breakfast nestled amongst that couple’s screaming child and the guy who clearly thinks social distancing is a sign of weakness and deodorant is for posh people. Besides, if you're feeling cramped, you can always relax at the hotel bar and pay hotel prices for your drinks and snacks. Also, there's always the fun little shampoos and body wash bottles that takes an age to get what you need out of them to help keep things interesting.


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More Space for Life

Staying in a serviced apartment on the other hand means you could get a whole flat to yourself. On average, a serviced apartment has a lot more space than a hotel room. Meaning you actually have separate rooms to sleep, eat and live. Just think, you can eat at the dining table or on the sofa whilst watching the telly. The days of ordering room service and your meals gingerly propped up on your bed worrying about trying not to spill anything on the duvet are long gone. You can even invite guests over for dinner.

One great feature about a serviced apartment, is the privacy you enjoy. There's no on-site staff meaning there's no need to feign politeness when you're really not in the mood, the apartment will be cleaned and towels/linen replaced at least once a week. You could even decide to have the housekeeper come when you would like them to and you only need to have contact with the host if there's an issue that needs to be resolved.


Fully Equipped Kitchen

Serviced apartments tend to come with a separate fully equipped kitchen with pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and crockery all included meaning you have everything needed to make your favourite meals in the comfort of your apartment. You can easily decide to go shopping and make yourself a proper home cooked meal of choice instead of being restricted to what's available on the menu at the hotel.

Also because most serviced apartments tend to be situated close to shops, bars and restaurants your options are potentially endless, you can cook, eat out or even have food delivered from your favourite takeout if you're feeling extra lazy.

save money

Save Money

Apart from the kitchen facilities available, there are plenty more amenities which help to make staying in a serviced apartment much better than a hotel. Many apartments have a dishwasher meaning you don’t have to wash up after yourself, and the advantages of having a washing machine/tumble drier in your apartment cannot be overemphasised especially for long stays. Did I mention that they also come with a smart TV and free wi-fi?

The truth is staying in a serviced apartment for the long term is more likely to save you money than staying in a hotel, but we'll save that discussion for another day.


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Kasar Serviced Apartments

At Kasar we have a wide range of serviced apartments to choose from, whether you're looking for a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment, or want an entire house all to yourself - there's something for everyone. All our apartments come fully equipped with a variety of amenities and conveniences as standard. To ensure our apartments are COVID secure, we’ve also invested in industry leading sanitising and disinfecting solutions, implemented an enhanced cleaning protocol, and updated our cleaning checklist.

So if you ever find yourself working away from for lengthy periods of time why not try a serviced apartment instead. Or if you're looking for places to visit for a staycation instead of a trip abroad, why not visit Kent? There are lots of family friendly things to do and places to visit in Kent – the Garden of England. While you’re at it, be sure to check out some of the available deals, weekend promos and partner discounts we’ve got on offer all year round.